"The right attorney for your legal issue."


Charles Ludd, Jr. is an attorney practicing in the areas of Employment Law, Business Litigation, Civil Rights, and International Trade.  Mr. Ludd takes a client-centered approach to his counseling and advocacy.  He provides each client with a focused and responsive actions aimed toward meeting their individual objectives.

Mr. Ludd started his own client centered practice in 2013.  Since then Mr. Ludd has worked to protect employee rights, to ensure justice for victims of discrimination, and to ensure that injured victims receive fair compensation.  Mr. Ludd has also advised institutional clients on issues such as employment law, business formations, and contractual disputes.  As a trial attorney, Mr. Ludd knows how to achieve his client's goals in court. 

If you are looking for top-notch legal representation for your legal issue, contact Mr. Ludd.  Mr. Ludd’s approach combines smart client-counseling and aggressive advocacy.  Mr. Ludd’s goal in representing you as a client is to give you “the results you deserve.”